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Red Bull Air Race - Bluelemur
Red Bull Air Race

I went down to London on Sunday to watch the British leg of the Red Bull Air Race. Was well worth it, fantastic flying displays from some of the top aerobatics pilots in the world. I only had a little compact camera with me, but managed to get a few photos:

Knife-edge through the gate. Those inflatable pylons are about 20 metres high, and the pilot’s head has to pass below the top of it to count.
Red Bull Air Race London

Through the last of the chicane
Red Bull Air Race London

Kirby Chambliss, the eventual winner, turning round at the far end of the track, with a lot of G-force!
Red Bull Air Race London

I only realised the other day that the next leg is in Budapest on the 19th and 20th August. Annoyingly, I’m going to be in Budapest from the 13th to the 18th, and if I’d known sooner I could have stayed an extra couple of days. Will hopefully spot them practicing though.

Also in London, I went to the Spar shop just off Oxford Street, where they sell Tim Hortons coffee and doughnuts, the first I’ve had in over a year. I became a big fan when I lived in Canada, and usually went a few times a week. It’s pretty much a part of Canadian culture, but there’s hardly anywhere you can get it outside of North America, and that’s one of the few places in the UK. Standing there with coffee in one hand and a Boston Cream doughnut in the other actually made me feel quite emotional. Sad, I know…

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