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10 things I wanted to do in the last five years - Bluelemur
10 things I wanted to do in the last five years

Five years ago today, I posted the following list entitled “Ten things I want to do in the next five years”. They were all perfectly achievable things, and I’ve had more than enough time to do them, but I haven’t been all that successful. I’ve noted how far I got with each one.

1 Run the London Marathon - No. Done a couple of half marathons, but not a full one, in London or anywhere else
2 Make some money from writing - No. Not done anything much towards this.
3 Take up martial arts - Yes. I did this for a couple of years, although I’ve let it slide again now.
4 Learn at least the basics of another language - Yes (kinda). I tried to learn Spanish again for my Peru trip, not greatly successfully. Am now doing an evening class in Russian, which might have more success.
5 Make some money from drawing/painting - No. Done very little in the way of drawing and painting.
6 Brew my own beer - No. This should have been an easy one too. Just never got round to it.
7 Visit at least three other countries - Yes. Bearing in mind that I’d never been on an aeroplane when I originally posted this list, I’ve been to six different countries on four continents since then.
8 Pass a piano grade or two - No. Not played the piano all that much.
9 Do some sort of Theological study - No.
10 Win a prize in the Chester Zoo photography competition - Yes. This was the one I thought would be most difficult, but it was the first I achieved. Second prize in the digital category a few years back.

So that’s four out of ten. Which is pretty pathetic really. The ones I haven’t done are mostly due to laziness. I tend to be like this a lot, having loads of big ideas about what I want to do, but never actually getting around to doing anything about it. That was partly why I posted the list in the first place, to make myself do new and interesting things. Didn’t really work though.

Moving on from this, I’ve made more lists for myself.
One is things I want to achieve this year.
Another is things I want to do by 2011 (when I’ll be 30).
And the last is things I want to do by 2021 (when I’ll be 40).

Maybe after that I’ll write a mid-life crisis list for myself.

Anyway, I’m not posting these lists up (because some of the things on them are rather silly and not necessarily possible) but I’ll note on here if I manage to achieve any of them. Some items have been carried over from the list above, while others are new. I’ve tried to get themes running through, so if I want to do something by the time I’m 40, I’ve put an interim target in for when I’m 30, and an initial one for this year, to get me moving. And I’m checking in on the lists every so often and noting what I need to do next. I’m hoping that working to a number of deadlines like that will make it easier and more achievable.

We’ll see how I get on.

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