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Twittering from orbit - Bluelemur
Twittering from orbit

While a lot of stuff on Twitter is the usual inconsequential noise you get on the internet, I’ve loved reading the updates Mike Massimino has been sending from orbit this week. He’s on the STS-125 shuttle flight to repair the Hubble telescope, and he’s been writing a bit about the experience of working in space, and the views they get from up there. Here’s some of his messages from the last few days:

From orbit: Launch was awesome!! I am feeling great, working hard, & enjoying the magnificent views, the adventure of a lifetime has begun!

From orbit: My spacewalk was amazing, we had some tough problems, but through them all, the view of our precious planet was beautiful

From orbit: This is an awesome experience, the privilege to fly in space and work on the Hubble is beyond my dreams

From orbit: At the end of my spacewalk, I had time to just look at the Earth, the most awesome sight my eyes have seen, undescribable

From orbit: Just flew over the US, Baja to Miami in about 10 minutes! Beautiful Day!!

From orbit: Getting ready for bed, sleeping in space is cool, tie down your sleeping bag and float inside of it, very relaxing

From orbit: We see 16 sunrises and sunsets in 24 hrs, each one spectacular as the sun lights up the atmosphere in a spectrum of colors

From orbit: Viewing the Earth is a study of contrasts, beautiful colors of the planet, thin blue line of atmosphere, pure blackness of space

From orbit: The stars at night in space do not twinkle, they look like perfect points of light and I can clearly see the milky way galaxy

From orbit: Flying over the Pacific Ocean at night there were some thunder storms, it is so cool to see lightning go off below the clouds

From orbit: It is so beautiful up here, I wish everyone could see it

You can follow his updates on twitter.com/Astro_Mike

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